In these first two lessons, I will walk you through my process of creating a complex tattoo design and making stencils step-by-step.


Lesson #01 - "Designing A Sleeve Tattoo"


Learn how to:

  • - Source high-quality images
  • - Use basic tools and functions in Adobe Photoshop
  • - Enhance images to make them look their best on the skin
  • - Plan out the entire composition
  • - Optimize interactions between different images
  • - Choose the best location for each image
  • - Adjust the design to a specific part of the body
  • - Improve the overall contrast of the design
  • - Visually separate the layers in the composition
  • - Determine the correct order for tattooing parts of the design
  • - Use backgrounds to highlight specific objects
  • - Improve the longevity of your tattoo projects over the years
  • - Avoid common mistakes when working with your images
  • - Create quick and detailed stencils using filters in Photoshop


Lesson #02 - "Making Stencils"


Learn how to:

  • - Make stencils by hand
  • - Efficiently use Procreate for iPad
  • - Prepare the skin for the best result
  • - Apply the stencil to any part of the body
  • - Quickly remove stencils if needed
  • - Make this process flawless


Language: English

CC: English, Russian

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