Who is Dmitry Troshin?


"The methodically detailed tattoos of Dmitry Troshin conjure monochrome lithographs, pen-and-ink drawings, and mezzotints. An expert at rendering highlights and shadows, The Russian artist bestows a luminous quality on his tattoos, turning skin into a shiny surface.

It's hard to believe he started his career as a self-taught artist, learning from videos and internet research in his native Moscow. After settling into his current style, Troshin now tattoos only with his one preferred tool - a three-round liner, which achieves the effect of a fine-point pen.

Troshin's imagery and subject matter vary widely, largely dictated by his customers' general desires that he then adapts: "The best way to work on a tattoo project for me is to get a story or idea from my client, and then have the freedom to think of a composition and overall feeling of the project."

Portraits of loved ones mingle with celebrities. Gritty urban settings showcase flawlessly rendered automobiles and architecture. Religious scenes exalt the glory of the divine. Sinewy bodies flex each carefully sculpted, Michelangelo-like muscle. Anatomical, mechanical, and scientific drawings reinforce his interest in precision. Although conceptually dissimilar, Troshin's utterly masterful draftsmanship ties all of his diverse imagery together into an identifiable corpus of work."

- Quote by Anna Felicity Friedman,  from "All of Me is Illustrated" book.

Long story short...

Dmitry began tattooing in 2012. After several of years of learning different black and grey tattooing techniques, he began his own method of tattooing, which he calls “#3rlonly.”  This style, and all his work, is done with just one type of needle - the 3 Round Liner.
In the time since, he has become an award winning, internationally known artist. He has been published in many magazines, sponsored by the best tattoo companies in the industry, and worked with clients who come from all over the world to get tattooed by him.
His latest endeavor has been teaching his techniques in the forms of his YouTube show, practical workshops, and online lessons.


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